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Nordic Ware 65004 11-Inch Microwave Plate Cover

Nordic Ware 65004 11-Inch Microwave Plate Cover
Nordic Ware 65004 11-Inch Microwave Plate Cover

Product Added : December 31st, 2012
Category : Microwave

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Nordic Ware 65004 11-Inch Microwave Plate Cover

Nordic Ware 65004 11-Inch Microwave Plate Cover

Fits dinner plates up to 11 inches and the Nordic Ware 2-sided Bacon-Meat Grill. Allows you to view food without spatters in the microwave. Prevents spatters in microwave and keeps food warm for serving. Clear see-thru plastic to view food as it cooks. Proudly made in the USA.Concentrate heat around microwaved food and keep it moist with this transparent, high-domed plastic cover. Because it protects against splattering, it’s a useful accessory for Nordic Ware’s two-sided round microwave bacon/meat grill. The cover fits dinner plates up to 11 inches in diameter. It also enables two plates of food to be cooked or warmed in a microwave at once: cover one and stack the second atop the cover. The cover is virtually unbreakable and is safe in the freezer and dishwasher. –Fred Brack

  • Protects against food splatter
  • Fits dinner plates up to 11 inches in diameter
  • Steam vents
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Made in the USA

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Nordic Ware 65004 11-Inch Microwave Plate Cover

What customers say about Nordic Ware 65004 11-Inch Microwave Plate Cover?

  1. 97 of 99 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Time saver and improves flavor, May 29, 2003
    A Reader “Jo-M” (Remsen, NY USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Nordic Ware 65004 11-Inch Microwave Plate Cover (Kitchen)

    We lived in Europe for many years and had a dish cover similar to this. After many years of use, we needed a replacement.

    When I received this, I was pleasantly surprised. One can see clearly through this and it fits standard dinner plates beautifully.

    If you are still using plastic wrap, wax paper, or paper towels to cover your cooking / reheating items, then you are truly doing things the hard way!

    If you are not covering your microwave cooking / reheating at all, then you just LOVE CLEANING NASTY MESSES!

    I was so impressed, I bought one for each of my sisters-in-law, my parents, and my single brother. They are still talking about the greatest, and most useful Christmas present 6 months later!

    I highly recommend this. It saves the cleaning time… It saves you from finger burns when pulling your other covers off the cooking…

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  2. 75 of 78 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Really Works – Wish I Had Bought it Sooner, February 15, 2007
    emalinx (taylor, michigan) –

    This review is from: Nordic Ware 65004 11-Inch Microwave Plate Cover (Kitchen)

    I bought this item when I had to replace my microwave and I was hoping to reduce ‘microwave smell’ – that funky tomato sauce smell that blows out from microwaves after too many spatters. You can clean out a microwave, but you can’t clean behind the vent grids, and that is where splatters go and live forever, in pungent biomass. So I figured the food would blow out the vent hole of the cover and splat the roof of my oven, but reduce the problem. We use the oven mostly for reheating and melting. This cover exceeded my expectations.

    1. It fits my tiny Sharp R-209KK 800 watt oven – a bit of an overhang but it has never fallen off the platter.

    2. No discernable splatters even on the roof of my oven, which I wipe out every day! The steam vent (not a finger hole) on top releases the pressure at the top where steam rises. Even pyrex casseroles with glass lids are not as good because pressure builds, the lid lifts from the steam, and they shoot hot liquid in all directions.

    3. Food cooks better. We used to use paper towel, or another dish to cover the food. Here food cooks in a moist environment and doesn’t ‘explode’ as much because of the steam regulation from the clever top vent. Paper towel would always slide off or sink into the food and cook into the food and let food blast out the edges.

    4. The cover doesn’t get very dirty. I guess because food explodes less it is easy to clean by dunking in my dishpan and rinsing. Nothing has baked onto this lid.

    5. The food keeps better. If it is done cooking, I can leave the food in the microwave because the lid keeps it from drying out.

    6. It works great on taller containers that still fit under the circle. I have Rubbermaid microwave containers that are about 5 inchers tall and 5×5 inches at the base. I can set this lid on top of the container. The vent hole keeps the contents from blowing and protects the oven.

    The hole on top is not a finger hole. Use pot holders to remove anything from a microwave. Be defensive. It only takes one mishap to land a surprise burn. Never assume a spot is safe to touch.

    I note the comments about breakage. I wonder if that is from dishwasher heat? I find rigid plastic dishes cannot take the hot water treatment without becoming brittle, and often become opaque and crack, so I am hand washing which is easy because it hardly gets dirty. Dunk, swipe, rinse.

    I saw the cheap Chinese imitations. I will stick with American made plastics for food prep and save a job too. Nordic Ware is a great innovative company

    And hey, if your food is piled higher than the cover you need something else.

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